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“As a journalist, I’ve written and researched a great deal about mental illness. I’ve seen the struggles close at hand with family and friends. 

Until “Minds Interrupted,” never had I seen such a stark, raw illustration of the struggle, heartache and – yes – success, joy and love associated with mental illness. 

I hope this program can come to Las Cruces again and again, and that as many people as possible get to see it.“ —Richard Coltharp, publisher, Las Cruces Bulletin, March 15, 2013

“I came wanting more info. Hoping to cope with and help my bi-polar daughter more. This performance made me understand their struggles. Blown away by the courage of the speakers.” —Kay, Las Cruces, NM

"This presentation was strongly recommended by our nursing professors. I had no idea how prevalent mental illness was and I even think my brother may have a mental illness after listening to this presentation. . . . I had no idea how debilitating these disorders are even to family members. The presenters are very brave and have educated me greatly in such a short time." —Julie, Las Cruces, NM

“I was profoundly touched by the love, honesty and hopefulness conveyed through the monologues. I could identify deeply with each story. The evening was a gift…my son Ryan's attendance, our friends showing up to support us, hearing so clearly our own story on stage.” —Rose, Los Alamos, NM

“I learned that real people struggle with mental illness much the same way that real people struggle with cancer. Very powerful testimonies.” —Jerry, St. Paul, MN

“We read about this in the newspaper. I suffer from a mental illness and wanted to come. All the speakers were incredibly courageous. I am surprised that I could personally relate to all the stories. I am not alone after all! Thank you! I am so glad I came and feel inspired by all of the advocacy!” —Tom, St. Paul, MN
“I came to this event out of curiosity. I realize now it is not a choice to have a mental disorder and that people suffering from mental illness have feelings. I loved the program.” —Hope, St. Paul, MN

“The stories that were told shook me. I’ve never really paid too much attention to the issue of mental illness. After this experience, I most definitely want to educate myself on the topic and get more involved.” —Leia, Caballo, NM

“I was able to see the performance in Baltimore and it was very inspiring. I think if everyone got to see these monologues the power of the stigmas would decline right away.” —Alice, high school thesis, “The Injustice of Stigmas Against Mental Illness”, Baltimore, MD

“While attending the event you sponsored, in spite of not having close family or friends that suffer from mental illness, I was completely overcome with empathy for the participants as they related their painful experiences of survival. As the lights came on at the end of the program, I quickly wiped the tears from my face and gathered myself—an unexpected reaction.” —Steve, Baltimore, MD

“My initial impression, as a parent of a bipolar young adult, was validation of my thoughts, feelings and anxieties.” —Lorna, Baltimore, MD

“Before this performance, I did not think about mental illness because I have not personally had contact with anyone with an illness. I know I’ve changed any judgments that I have had based on reading some newspaper accounts.” —Homer, Española, NM

“I was so impressed with the courage of the participants. Not everyone can bare their souls the way these people did in front of hundreds of people! This program went a long way to eliminate stigma—getting us talking in public about the tragedies and blessings of dealing with mental illnesses. I left with a feeling of healing.” —Laura, Santa Fe, NM

Standing ovation, St. Paul, MN, 2012

Joan embraces her son after presenting on stage

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