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CTN has been a Santa Fe-based 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization since 2012. Our mission is to promote community health and social advocacy through education, healing and the arts.

The name and spirit of CTN was born in 1995. Founder Michele Herling traveled to Hungary and Bosnia y Herzegovina during and after the war. From 1995 to 2002, she made thirteen trips with a specific focus on working with traumatized youth utilizing restorative practices in a three-month structured curriculum taught by Bosnian teachers. The project was multi-disciplinary and experiential and came to completion in February, 2002.

The mission and goals of the Compassionate Touch Network have remained constant. In 2006 Michele attended a NAMI Santa Fe (National Alliance on Mental Illness) education course, Family-To-Family, to better understand her brother who has a diagnosed mental illness. It was a mind and heart opening program for her. In 2007, she began development of a newly conceived project Minds Interrupted.

Goals of CTN:
  • To advocate, support and educate people to better understand the issues faced by community members impacted by social challenges, such as economic and social inequality, mental illness, violence and abuse;
  • To promote, support and encourage community health and well being between diverse communities; and,
  • To challenge prejudices and stereotypes towards marginalized groups; influence positive social attitudes and constructive social change.
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